Meeting Minutes


April 8, 2013 Meeting 


  • -Phil’s condo is unavailable
  • -Jon-Erik has one room in the conference hotel booked
  • -Jon-Erik volunteered to donate $150 toward the hotel room
  • -Vans (2) will leave at 8pm Thursday
  • -Staying in a cheaper hotel on the way up Thursday night
  • -Dani will contact each person with the amount they owe, without any fundraising it should be close to $50.
  • -Plan to take books to IPPA (Mark has boxes of them for us to hand out)

2. Other business

  • -Our fundraisers have totaled around $300.00
  • -No speaker this semester

Meeting Adjourned.


March 25, 2013 Meeting 

1. Photo Summit


  • Friday April 26th

2. Potential Speakers for summit:


  • -John White
  • -Dave Weatherwax
  • -Recent hire from Jasper


3. IPPA- April 19-21


  1. -Van/gas provided by School of Journalism
  2. -Ask Phil to stay at condo
  3. -Members Attending:




  • Sarah
  • Nicole
  • Jennifer
  • Jon-Erik
  • Ashley
  • Chris
  • Allison*
  • Dani*
  • *Maybe

4. Next Fundraiser


  • -April 1st
  • -More cake pops!
  • -Chili cheese dogs
  • -bowls/spoons to sell chili


5. Future/misc. things:


  • -getting frames to display work in the building?
  • -IPPA winners displayed in main JRNL case
  • – Future visitors to consider: Devin Miller, Jay Bruce?


Meeting Adjourned.


February 11, 2013 Meeting 

Attendance: Jennifer, Dani, Sarah, Chris, Mark, Joel

 1. Results of bake sale:

  • $46.81 total deposit
  • Leftovers: Hot dogs, chips, soda, buns
  • Reevaluate costs/profits
  • Bake sale every second and fourth Monday.

2. Next Fundraiser will be Monday, Feb. 25

  • cake pops from the shop?
  • seek out other donations from other establishments
  • someone other than Dani will organize

3. IPPA Edits get-together at Tiffany’s

4. Showcase:

  • create stipulations for qualifying for the showcase
  • attendance to 2/3 meetings and events each month

Next meeting will be Monday February 25, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in Comm 1250!

Meeting Adjourned.


January 28, 2013 Meeting

1. IPPA Deadline March 31!

2. Midwest photo summit (IPPA)

  • April 19-21

3. Fundraising!

  • Hot Dog Fundraiser
  • Monday Feb 11
  • Set up: 10 a.m.
  • Sale: 11-2
  • Clean up: 2-3
  • Feel free to bring along baked goods to sell!
  • If you did not sign up for a shift – Contact President Dani McGrew to sign up for a time slot!

4. Canon Explorer of Light Date Possibilities

  • March 23 o April 6

5.Workshop for Thought: DC ShootOff

  • March 14-17. Arlington, VA. o $55

6. Spring Semester Officers

  • President: Dani McGrew
  • Vice President: Tiffany Blanchette
  • Secretary: Sarah Gardner
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • Media Director: Jennifer Gonzalez

7. Time Lapse Workshop (Part 2)

  • February 11 during meeting time
  • Mark Stoffel advice

8. IPPA Workshop

  • Tiffany’s House
  • Date TBD at next meeting

9. SIU NPPA Shadow Box/website

  • Photog field pics
  • Featured members/photos
  • Send Jennifer photos to display

Next meeting will be February 11, 2013 at 6:30p.m. in Comm 1250! The basketball time lapse will be put together at this time.

Meeting Adjourned.


September 4, 2012 Meeting

1. Voting of Officers:

  • President: Danielle McGrew
  • Vice President: Steve Matzker
  • Secretary: Tiffany Blanchette
  • Treasurer: Tiffany Blanchette
  • Media Director: Jennifer Gonzalez

2. DUES!!

  • Students intending on being members for the 2012-2013 year, need to pay their yearly $20 dues to our new Treasurer, Jessica Tezak. The $20 dues goes towards supporting our RSO and includes a t-shirt.
  • Sizes will be collected at the next Tuesday, September 18th, meeting.
  • Dues need to start being turned in as soon as possible!!
  • Deadline for dues to be accepted will be the OCTOBER 2ND MEETING!! T-Shirts will be ordered following this meeting.

3. Fundraiser Ideas:

  • Restaurant Profits: Family Weekend or Homecoming
  • 17th Street Barbeque
  • Quatros
  • Chili’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • We will need to communicate with these area businesses to discuss the details.

4. Canon Explorers of Light:

  • We discussed the possibility of getting James Nachtwey – Mark feels we (the chapter/students) should write a letter personally explaining why we would like to have him as a guest speaker. Maybe also work with Photogenisis as we try to accomplish this?
  • All members need to take a look at the list of photographers on Canon’s Explorers of Light website found here —>>>
  • Members who wish to have their voices heard need to bring a list of their top 3 (three) photographers they would be interested in having as a guest speaker.

4. Shadow box:

  • Update Photos/Information
  • Get a Group/Member Photo to place in the center

4. Chapter Workshops:

  • The First Chapter Workshop topic will be: STROBES
  • The workshop will be held after the business portion of our next meeting to be held on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER, 18TH, 2012 at 6.30
  • Jennifer will check out Canon and Nikon Strobes/Sync Cords for the workshop (If anybody owns their own flash equipment, please bring it!)
  • Mark Dolan will lead the workshop and teach some basics of using a strobe indoors and outdoors (We will most likely venture outside to a park to practice techniques.

5. T-Shirt Design:

  • We’ve established that this year’s t-shirt design will comprise of a comic strip featuring Batman and Robin and select photographer quotes.
  • Proofs should be available at the next meeting for final approval.

Meeting Adjourned.


August 29, 2012 Meeting

1. National Charter:

  • We need to turn in our updated member list so that we can get funding from the official NPPA.

2. T-Shirts:

  • Jennifer and Steve have volunteered to design this year’s T-shirts.

3. Possible meeting times:

  • Our next meeting will be Tuesday September 4th, at 6.30 in room 1213.
  • Trying to accommodate everyone’s schedules – we are planning on having meetings every 2 weeks (the frist and third Tuesday of each month – with the possibility of alternating nights.)

4. Goals for the upcoming semester:

  • Website/Blog night: to help fellow student photographers build their web presence.
  • Hosting a strobe tutorial/workshop between students.
  • Hosting a time-lapse tutorial/workshop between students.
  • Establish an official account for the groups monetary needs. Contact Sherri in the Journalism office – maybe set up our money in the Journalism Activity Fund?
  • Host a Canon Explorer of Light – Mark mentioned Seth Resnicki – Google him, he’s a stud! or another person on Canon’s Explorers of Light website. Host them, invite other student chapters, departments.

4. Officer Nominations:

  • President nominee: Dani McGrew
  • Vice President Nominee: Steve Matzker
  • Secretary: None
  • Treasurer: None
  • Media Director: Jennifer Gonzalez.
  • Nominations will be taken until Tuesday September 4th at 12.00 p.m. or until vacancies are filled. Voting in officers will occur at the September 4th meeting at 6.30 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned.


April 4, 2012 Meeting


1. Photo Summit:

  • Couch count: Tiffany – 2 air mattresses, Chris Z – 2 futons in marion, Cassie Porter – one futon (2 people possible), Jennifer – 2 possible, Eric – 1 couch, maybe extra room
  • Food: providing lunch
  • Mark – BBQ, Jennifer – enchiladas (Phil will pitch in)
  • STUDENTS need to bring in sides, drinks and other food

*make signup list:: Plates, napkins, utensils, drinks: soda, water, ice, chips, vegetables, deserts, snacks  (Put on Mark’s door?)

  • Hotel for Scott – need to book this week (quality or campus inn, econolodge)
  • Gas for Robert – Gas Card (updated price)
  • VENUE: Move presentations to McCloud Theatre, critiques and food to Dean’s Conf. Room. IFNOT more chairs for Conf. Room. Health Center has space.
  • SIGNS around campus on main roads directing towards campus

2. Spaghetti Dinner

  • ADVERTISING: DE ad, flyers, NPPA Facebook Flyer, post flyer on other RSO pages, Invite other RSOs, large groups, Clare Mitchell – master email list, personally invite faculty (list serv?), School of Journalism Facebook page (admins?)
  • Food donation possibilities:
  • KC in Hillsboro possible
  • Community from Kroger, through website.
  • Schnucks and Walmart maybe


  • Logo/Seal   –  SIU NPPA Student Chapter Est. 2012GROUP PHOTO
  • Upcoming events
  • Meeting Times, info: facebook, wordpress, officer contact info
  • How to join
  • Photos from meetings, competitions, etc.

4. Kickball Tournament!

Meeting Adjourned.


March 23, 2012 Meeting

Discussed Items:

  • Tshirts are in!!
  • Officially an RSO at SIU!!

1. Confirmed: Spaghetti Dinner at Newman Catholic Center

  • Wednesday April 18, 2012 – 5:30 – 8:00 pm
    • Benefit summit
    • Pay for Cohen’s travel cost, Scott S. travel and hotel
    • Prices
      • $7 at the door, $5 in advance
      • Kids age 10 and under $3 in advance
  • Need help putting up fliers, passing the word on to faculty
    • CHALK & Fliers in dining halls, COMM, Faner, around Student Center, Newman & Newman sign, residence halls, businesses
  • Need to make a desert and volunteer– everyone!
  • Wear tshirts!

2. Photo Summit – April 28, 2012  11-4:30

  • In Dean’s Conference room
    • Possible free lunch
  • Free Event
  • Speakers confirmed
    • Robert Cohen
    • Scott Strazzante
  • Invite other j schools and other NPPA chapters
    • Networking!
  • Room and Board List for visiting schools
    • Eastern, nw, Colombia, u of I, Lincolnland, siue?
    • Proposed – photo competition
    • Proposed – portfolio critique during Summit
    • Sign up for critique, split into two groups, draw a draft pick.
  • IPPA submission deadline
    • Extensions – submit?
  • Proposed – Comment Booth by Mark Dolan
    • Pay $1 to get a compliment
    • Proposed – Photobooth at graduation!!
      • May 12, 2012

**Jessica Edmonds paid $20 for membership & M tee

Meeting Adjourned.


February 24, 2012 Meeting

Discussed Items:

1. Update: Photo Summit

  • April 28, 2012 (2 weeks after IPPA Conference)
  • Presentations, Photo Critiques
  • Possible Speakers
    • Robert Cohen
    • Todd Panagopollis
    • Scott Allen
    • Sid Hastings
    • Bruce Baughmann

2. Update: Spaghetti Dinner

  • March 21 or March 28
  • Newman Center
    • Industrial size kitchen, Dani has connections
    •  $50 to rent
    • $6-$7 dollars per plate
    • spaghetti, meat and meatless sauce, salad, garlic bread, desert
      • free bread form jimmy johns, panera?
      • Local stores: donations?
  • Fliers! – Jennifer
  • Fundraising
    • Cartier-Bresson shirt sales
    • Gallery Show
      • Members submit photos for print and display
      • 20 x 14 – $20
      • Charity Donation
        • Print @ local lab = discount?
        • Physical plant = cheaper printing
    • Print on wall – first buyer takes home print
      • Other buyers can exchange info and receive at a later date
    • Venues: Glove factory, library, Longbranch, vintage

3. Photobooth fundraiser

  • Take emails, send photos
  • Photograph ticket number, get information to send prints
  • Split the Pot, 50/50 raffle
  • SIU Arena or sporting event
  • Professor Comment Booth outside COMM building entrance
    • Mark gives compliments
    • Phil criticizes and teaches strobe
    • Meeting Ideas
      • Lighting Demo
        • Dan Overturf – SIU Prof.
        • RSO – Photogenesis

4. WordPress/ Blog Night

  • Robert Spar – C&P Prof.
  • AJ Stoner – wordpress guru
  • Photo Critique with Mark and Phil
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt!
  • SIU NPPA Student Chapter Blog
    • Will be up when Q&A professionals respond

 Meeting Adjourned.


February 10, 2012 Meeting


  1. Make Professional T-shirts
  2. Host a photo summit at SIU
  3. Achieve Student Chapter of the Year

Discussed Items:

1. Proposed: Photo Summit – bringing speakers to SIUC


  • Update events
  • Q&A –professionals, alumni
  • Member/photo of the month; incentive, judging.
  • Links to members wordpress sites or web sites
  • Head shots

3. Meeting Ideas

  • WordPress/website night
  • Monthly clip contest
  • Portfolio review/critique
  • IPPA submission party at the DE
  • Possible Speakers for Photo Summit; Sid Hastings, Robert Cohen, Scott Allen.

5. Shirts

  • Old Design (PBR) Shirts: Chris Zoeller, Isaac Smith
  • NEW T shirts – Black  (professional look, sell for profit)
  • Front: film strip + National Press Photographers Association
  • Back: quote – “Photography involoves placing the head, the eye and the heart on the same axis.” Henri Cartier-Bresson
    • Paid Members – $10
      • New member dues = $20 and includes t-shirt
  • NPPA/ IPPA member $15 (with ID)

Not technically affiliated – $20

Meeting Adjourned.